He Defunded the CDC to โ€˜Build His Wallโ€™: Trump’s Bungled Response to Coronavirus

170406 lewis trump tweets tease njkbyn e1527102730303President Donald Trump and his White House have made clear he is unconcerned about the deadly coronavirus threat, except as it affects the markets, which he sees as his key to re-election. He reportedly was โ€œfuriousโ€ at the CDC for telling lawmakers and the American public the virus will spread into communities across the U.S.

โ€œWe are asking the American public to prepare for the expectation that this might be bad,โ€ the CDC said Tuesday, which angered Trump.

Those remarks helped tank the markets even further on Tuesday, with the DOW dropping 1900 points in just two days.

Trump tried to blame the news media for informing the public about the risks, via Twitter Wednesday morning. It did not go well.

After announcing a news conference for 6 PM Wednesday, Trump went ballistic, attacking the press, and Democrats, as if they were the ones who made the determination the coronavirus will greatly affect Americansโ€™ day-to-day lives.

And he also spelled coronavirus wrong spelling it caronavirus on twitter. What a complete idiot.

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