President Barack Obama endorses Joe Biden For President [VIDEO]

Former President Barack Obama endorsed Joe Biden, his former vice president, in a video released Tuesday.

Obama, following in the footsteps of other recent former presidents, chose to let the crowded Democratic primary process play out and not offer an endorsement until voters chose their presumptive nominee.

Biden leaned heavily on his strong relationship with Obama and his record as vice president throughout the primary race while still acknowledging that he needed to “earn” Obama’s endorsement.

Obama’s endorsement comes one day after Biden’s final rival in the race, Bernie Sanders, offered his own endorsement.

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On April 14, 2020, President Obama endorsed Joe Biden For President. He noted Biden’s leadership on health care, climate change, and the 2008 recovery, and said that he believes that Biden is the person who can heal the country in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak. With President Obama on our team, we’re going to unite our party and restore the soul of the nation. Together, we will defeat Donald Trump.