30 People Tested Positive in the Trump Covid19 Virus Outbreak at the White House

Covid Trump WhiteHouseHere is the #TrumpVirus list of the people who got infected from the #RoseGardenMassacre SuperSpeader Event at the White House last Saturday.

Donald Trump
Kayleigh McEnany
Greg Laurie
Ron Johnson
Chris Christie
Nick Luna
Melania Trump
Ronna McDaniel
Mike Lee
Rev. John Jenkins
Thom Tillis
Kellyanne Conway
Bill Stepien
Debate staff & reporters
Hope Hicks

and counting….

Now we wait for the next shoe to drop. There is reporting today that some secret service details has become sick.

It is worth noting that the White House has urged people to keep their positive tests a secret, and they refuse to do any contact tracing or follow CDC guidelines. Trump is clearly a sick madman, back in the White House infected with Covid-19 and infecting others still.

covid map white house superspreader event