NBC Hosts The Final Presidential Debate on Thursday (Or Will They?)

covita trumpAs we head into the home stretch of the election, Joe Biden looks in a great position, leading in the polls and delivering huge voter turnout so far. Covid19 patient Donald Trump who is still on drugs, was a coward and did not participate in the last debate and instead did a townhall with NBC, where he sweated and got mad, did not disavow Qanon, and was a mean asshole overall.

So why would Joe go near this maniac who is clearly trying to give everybody COVID? His strategy is HERD IMMUNITY, which as a concept has been proven to be a disaster and continues to kill Americans at 750 – 1000 a day and going up. over 125,000 people have now been killed by COVID-19 and that will continue to rise. Expect millions if lunatic Trump stays in office.

It’s my personal opinion Joe has nothing to gain from another Debate, but Joe Biden is a man of his word, but we know Trump isn’t. Trump might look at this as his final chance to turn things his way. ‘Let’s see what happens’.

So, will the debate happen, we don’t know for sure. We can tell you this, LNC will have it here live so join us at RockinRooster’s Live Politics Stream with Live Chat.