Trump Refusing to Concede & Purging the Pentagon Leadership Have Some Worried About a “Stupid Coup”

Trump is stupid, but he is ruthless in his pursuit of his power and self-interest. As the country is continuing to get pummeled by the Coronavirus, Trump and his GOP enablers in the Senate do nothing to help the American people with a relief package of any kind. There is nobody at the wheel at the moment, nobody is home at the top of the government.

Trump still refuses to concede, and insists the election was stolen and he was somehow cheated out of victory. There is absolutely no evidence to this end and Trump has lost all the court cases on the election, but this is not stopping him from pursuing this conspiracy theory.

So what is Trump busy with? Well he just fired 3 top civilian leaders at the Pentagon and put in the three stooges. So what is he up to? Is Orange Hitler planning and coup which in Trump’s case would definitely be a stupid coup doomed to fail?

Nobody is quite sure, but ex-intelligent officials and others with knowledge of the situation are quite alarmed as America is very venerable at the moment.

The Nation has a great article on this subject. Read it HERE.