Ted Cruz Fled Texas to Mexico During Winter Crisis Prompting #TedFled and Huge Backlash

ted fledSen. Ted Cruz is facing a growing backlash as he fled to Cancun while millions of Texans are freezing and without power. Ted couldn’t care less about his constitutes. Empathy is not a quality anyone associates with Senator Ted Cruz of Texas. His lack of it helps explain his political appeal: Like Trump, he hates who his base hates. Cruz opposes marriage equality, immigration relief, and health care reform; he urged Texas to keep businesses open even as the COVID-19 dead overwhelmed the state’s morgues. He has happily mocked other states when they experienced catastrophic power and energy failures — a tendency that came back to bite him this week, when a winter storm plunged Texas into literal darkness. So the news that Cruz flew to Cancun in the middle of a double crisis for his state isn’t much of a shock. More at NYMAG

The Internet wins again by coming up with this award winning meme… tedfled