Jim Jordan, Threat to Democracy, Loses Bid For Speaker

UPDATE: Jim Jordan went down after failing three times to get the votes he needed

jim jordan

Jim Jordan, an emblematic Republican a-hole, has traversed the political landscape with a penchant for the contentious and an unabated allegiance to former President Donald Trump. Jordan’s ascent within the Republican echelons has engendered disquiet amongst those who discern in him a looming menace to the democratic order.

No Doubt That Trump is Using Intimidation & Bullying to Get His Choice for Speaker in Place

Jim Jordan’s political sojourn has been punctuated by his incendiary elocution and unyielding espousal of conservative tenets, and those tenets for Republicans are whatever Trump and his far right extremists want. He has steadfastly embraced the far-right fringes of the Republican spectrum and has established himself as an unrepentant champion of Trump’s agenda. This proclivity has affixed to him the label of a political disrupter, an individual unafraid of courting tumultuous discourse.

One of the most salient controversies enveloping Jim Jordan is his involvement in the postlude of the Capitol’s turmoil on January 6th. Jordan featured prominently among the Republican cohort that interposed objections to the validation of the 2020 presidential election’s outcome, despite the paucity of substantiated allegations of widespread electoral malfeasance. His comportment has been construed by many as a gambit to subvert the legitimacy of a duly conducted election, an act that struck at the very core of the democratic edifice. Jordan refused to testify to the January 6th committee but it is known he was on the phone with Trump many times during that infamous day.

In addition to his contentious stratagems, Jim Jordan has emerged as Trump’s aegis for the role of Speaker of the House. This impending prospect has triggered alarm bells amongst those who apprehend that Jordan’s ascendancy would only exacerbate the extant schisms within an already polarized Congress that can’t even pass a budget or seem to pass any legislation at all. They are more interested in attacking Joe Biden by launching an impeachment inquiry with no evidence, and its continued focus on the culture wars, and going after Hunter Biden. Anything but governing should be the motto of the Republican held House.

Democratic leaders have espoused intransigence in their opposition to the potential speakership of Jim Jordan. They have articulated grave misgivings concerning his participation in the endeavor to overturn the electoral mandate and have excoriated the Republican Party for propounding him as their nominee for Speaker.

Curiously, some Republican voices have clamored for a modus vivendi premised on bipartisanship in the selection of the subsequent Speaker of the House. Representative Mike Turner, an Ohio Republican, has prognosticated that an accord with the Democratic contingent might be indispensable if Republicans find themselves incapable of securing a Speaker through unilateral means.

In the discernment of numerous observers, Jim Jordan epitomizes an imminent impediment to the democratic project, given his tumultuous undertakings and steadfast allegiance to the Trumpian agenda. The prospect of his ascension to the mantle of Speaker of the House has catalyzed considerable trepidation regarding the trajectory of the Republican Party and its potential ramifications for the efficacious functioning of the federal apparatus.

No doubt Trump is using his strong arm mob tactics to get Jordan elected. Ask Mitt Romney and the other Republicans that fled politics. Threats of violence against anyone going against Trump’s wishes has been reported to be the reason a lot of these members that are not MAGA have recently left the party. It’s fascist tactics at work in the U.S.A..