Tag: Corporate crime

South Korean Prosecutors Indict Ex-President Park On Corruption Charges

On Monday, prosecutors in South Korea announced that they have indicted former President Park Geun-hye on corruption and abuse of power charges that could send her to jail for life. Park, 65, was impeached in December, formally removed from office March 10, and arrested March 30 amid a national scandal that has also swept up…

Judge Approves $25-Million Agreement To Settle Trump University Lawsuit

A judge on Friday approved an agreement reached with President Trump to pay $25 million to settle three lawsuits filed against him over Trump University real estate seminars, US District Judge Gonzalo Curiel in San Diego had been expected to sign off on the agreement, which was reached last year, ending nearly seven years of…

Pharma CEO Martin Shkreli Arrested [VIDEO]

The pharma CEO reviled for raising the price of life-saving drugs for personal gain has been arrested for securities fraud. Martin Shkreli, 32, is accused of taking stocks from Retrophin Inc. to pay off unrelated debts. He started the biotech firm in 2011. Prosecutors say he made secret payoffs and set up fake deals.