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Stock traders from around the world join together here to watch the world markets weather it be NASDAQ or the S&P. Login to the Stock Traders Chat and join the crew. Welcome to the new LNC. We are now proudly 100% mobile friendly. To use us on your mobile device, just point your favorite web browser to and select your live newsroom from the header or footer site menus.

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This page is another cnbc live streaming chatroom project from the man, the myth, the legend, the broadcasting pioneer (like Ted Turner but younger and more vibrant) RockinRooster. The JTV master lives on with his CNBC live streaming service that started on justin tv, moved to Rentadrone, and now resides here at LNC almost 10 years later. Although Rooster has no stocks or stocks trading knowledge, he has been known to bet on a football match know and he does love Cramer’s Mad Money especially the big buttons and sound effects. Please join the stock trading newsroom by clicking this link. Thanks for watching cnbc live stream.

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Can I watch cnbc live? Is cnbc live free? Can I watch cnbc on my computer? Can I watch cnbc without cable? The answer to those questions is: YES you can watch live stream for free. Just check the livestream above.