How Online Gambling Evolved in the Last decade

Canada today has one of the best online gambling markets with plenty of options, games, bonuses and more for players to bask in. Players now have the choice of several secure and convenient methods of deposit to enjoy thousands of titles and tournaments. It is also very much the norm to experience lifelike live dealer games at the reputable casinos which include PartyCasino and other global brands. However, the industry didn’t get to the top of the podium overnight, and there have been many crucial steps to get here.

Uncover some of the important milestones and moments over the last decade that have evolved online gambling in Canada below. While at the same time, get a sneak peek of where the industry is heading. But first, what about the origins and perceptions of online gambling in the very beginning?

The History of Online Gambling in a Nutshell

Online gambling was never considered to be a real threat to land-based casinos or the real deal ā€“ if you can pardon the pun. The first online casino emerged in Canada in the middle of the 1990s. Still, the usage of these online platforms never grew quickly or overtook an evening at the tables with friends, despite the convenience.

It was not until technological revolutions which made online games better and smoother that online casinos began to pose a threat to land-based casinos. Ever since technology has improved, so has online gaming which has then grabbed the industry by the scruff of the neck, leaving land casinos a little worried.

Monumental Changes in the Last Decade

Time moves so quickly that it can be hard to pinpoint certain developments within the gambling industry that put it on a brand new and exciting course. Yet, there are some developments that stick out the most:

A switch from classic slots to video slots. This has enabled younger players who grew up with impeccable games consoles to also stay engaged with slot gaming and keep hold of the younger markets.

  • Sites have become mobile-friendly, and apps have been created.
  • Security has improved with encryption and savvier techniques. These were necessary to keep up with the sophistication of hackers.
  • Bonuses have become rife with more free spins and bets on every site.
  • Bitcoin has begun to be accepted as a deposit method.
  • The aforementioned live casino experiences started being filmed in studios to create more camera angles and improved realistic gambling experiences.
  • Recently, more casino sites have been streaming live sports and tournaments.
  • eSports gaming is slowly seeping into the industry.

So, What Will Happen Next?

After all these exciting changes, it would be not very intelligent to think the industry would slow down any time soon. Upcoming technologies and trends are set to make online gambling even better in the future, including but not limited to 5G connectivity across cities, virtual reality, blockchains and cryptocurrency.

Strap yourself in Canadian gamblers because you are in for another decade of changes and improvements!