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Once known as ‘The History Channel’, the station was renamed simply ‘History

History Channel Live Stream

History, is an American television network and live stream flagship owned by A&E Networks. It is a joint venture between Hearst Communications and the Disney General Entertainment Content division of the Walt Disney Company. If you are looking for the History Channel live stream please scroll to the bottom of the article.

The channel was popularly known as The History Channel from 1995 to 2008 and was renowned for its focus on history-based documentaries. However, the network has come in for harsh criticism in some quarters as it tried to increase ratings in the 2000s and added reality television programming. 

Since that time many scientists, as well as historians, have accused the network of broadcasting pseudo-documentaries and sensational investigative programming without thorough fact-checking.

Still, the network remains hugely in demand and in 2015 it was calculated that around 96,149,000 American households or just about 82.6% of households with television receive the network’s flagship channel. The network is available in international localized versions around the world. Some of the countries include India, Canada, Europe, Australia, the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Latin America.


The History Channel was launched on January 1, 1995, and its UK counterpart came later that same year on November 1, 1995. That was made possible through a partnership with British Sky Broadcasting. When the channel first launch it focused exclusively on historical dramas. As its popularity grew in the 1990s, the channel was often mocked and called “The Hitler Channel” because of how much programming it aired that focused on World War II.

As time passed most of its wartime programming was moved to its sister network Military History. When the A&E Networks were trying to get into the international market they depended heavily on History to gain momentum. The History Channel led A&E‘s overseas expansion in Brazil with TVA in April 1996, the Nordic and Baltic regions with Modern Times Group in 1997, and in Canada in 1997.

The network launched a new logo on February 16, 2008, on the US network as part of a rebranding effort. The well-known trademark “H” was kept but the triangle shape on the left is used as a play button for animation and flyouts during commercials and shows. 


History has faced a lot of criticism as many have accused the network of having a bias towards US history. They have also faced criticism for some of the documentaries that they have produced such as The Men Who Killed Kennedy in 2003. Stanley Kutner, who was one of three historians commissioned to review the documentary, admonished it. It was never aired again following his critique.  Another sore point with purists is that too much content is now not about history at all. One such critic is US Senator Chuck Grassley who once stated that the network lacks historical or educational programming.

The network’s most recent dive into alien hunting and mysteries also has not gone down well with many critics. One Forbes contributor Brad Lockwood said that the channel’s addition of “programs devoted to monsters, aliens, and conspiracies”, was just an effort to try and get better ratings.

History Channel Live Stream Programming

The network remains very popular in part due to its new format. Some of the more popular shows on History are:

  • Vikings (2013–2020)
  • The Crown (2016– ) 
  • The Last Kingdom (2015– ) 
  • Jaguar (2021– )
  • Chernobyl (2019) 
  • Band of Brothers (2001)
  • Boardwalk Empire (2010–2014) 
  • Spartacus (2010–2013)
  • Vikings: Valhalla (2022– )
  • Call the Midwife

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