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Live News Chat (LNC) has been providing live news streams, live chat, and original news stories for expats and news junkies since 2010. The concept of live streaming news started back in 2007 when a site called became the first social video streaming site on the net. When Justin TV was bought by Amazon and became Twitch, a streaming social network focused on gamers, LNC was born.

This site provides free live news streams for people living offshore or are otherwise unable to stay connected to the live news that is critical in these uncertain times and unfolding events that affect each one of us. We believe people should get involved and stay connected through the internet by getting the news anytime, anywhere.

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The History of Live Streaming News on the Internet

Since its inception in the early 2000s, live streaming on the internet has advanced significantly. From basic webcam streaming to high-definition video and virtual reality experiences, technology has advanced dramatically.

The initial live streams were simple, low-quality video feeds that frequently lagged and had subpar audio. They were mostly employed to broadcast live news, live concerts or other special events to niche audiences.

The development of websites like and Ustream in the middle of the 2000s made it simpler for anyone to start their own live streams. These platforms immediately became well-liked among gamers and other hobbyists because they let users to stream live video from their webcams or other devices.

Live streaming quality improved along with technological advancement. Higher-quality broadcasts with fewer buffering and more professional-looking streaming are now possible due to the arrival of High Definition (HD) video and improved compression methods. People can find and watch live streams more easily today, thanks to websites like YouTube and Twitch.

Live streaming has grown in popularity as a means of online communication over the past few years as well. People may now stream live video to their friends and followers much more easily because of the popularity of social media sites like Facebook and Instagram who built in video streaming capabilities.

Live streaming has also risen in popularity as a result of the development of e-sports and the popularity of virtual reality.

Live streaming is now utilized for a variety of situations, including commerce and education. Live streaming has become a crucial tool for remote communication. Online school and courses, webinars, virtual conferences, and telemedicine are increasingly commonplace.

The history of live streaming on the internet has been one of rapid evolution, with new technology and platforms consistently pushing the limits of what is feasible. In the years to come, live streaming will become an even more significant and widespread online communication as technology advances.