GOP Debate Live Stream 2023

gop debate live stream 2023

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The Candidates on the GOP Debate Live Stream

Republican candidates will take the stage in Milwaukee on Wednesday, Aug. 23 in the first of 3 scheduled debates.

As of August 18, nine candidates have met the qualifying criteria for the debate. The following candidates will be participating:

Ron DeSantis: Governor of Florida, trailing Trump in the polls, known for his successful fundraising efforts despite recent financial issues.

Mike Pence: Former vice president, who secured the necessary donors after initially facing challenges. Best known for the โ€œHang Mike Penceโ€ chant on January 6th.

Tim Scott: Senator from South Carolina, entering the race with substantial campaign funds. Heโ€™s black, so heโ€™s got that going for him.

Nikki Haley: Former governor and U.N. ambassador, emphasizing her international experience. Trump appologist and has zero chance.

Vivek Ramaswamy: Entrepreneur and author, who polled well despite initially lacking recognition. Who is it we donโ€™t really know.

Chris Christie: Former governor of New Jersey, positioning himself against Trump. He a fat bastard but heโ€™s got the balls to go after Trump so heโ€™s got that.

Doug Burgum: Governor of North Dakota, leveraging personal wealth to boost his campaign. Who?

Asa Hutchinson: Former governor of Arkansas. No chance.

Francis Suarez: Mayor of Miami, announced his qualification though disputed by RNC officials. Not sure why heโ€™s running either.