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This Sky News live stream chatroom started on LNC in 2018. This Sky News Live Stream European is broadcasting around the world and is part of the LNC expanded streaming platform for reliable news 24 hours a day.  It’s Headquarters in London.

SKY NEWS Live Stream

The SKY NEWS network began broadcasting on 5 February 19 and aimed to cover world news from a world perspective. Sky News is available in the Middle East, Africa, South Asia, Asia Pacific, Australia, and the Americas.

Question and Answers about The Sky News Live Chat

What is the Rooster’s chat and how do I use it?

To launch our news chatroom CLICK HERE. It will open in a separate window. Rooster’s live chat started back in 2008 on IRC. Now we use SLACK CHAT, and you can register and launch the Chat Room Here. We are a progressive chatroom with liberal minds and political junkies.

How do I watch live news while chatting?

Firstly you will need to open two browser windows, one with the Slack chat, and the second one for the stream. Additionally you can also use the PIP ‘picture in picture’ pop-out stream launched at the right bottom of the live news video player.

Sky News Schedule (Weekdays)

Time (GMT)Program
6.00 AMThe Early Rundown
7:00 AMSky News Breakfast
10:00 AMIan King Live
11:00 AMAll Out Politics
12:00 PM Sky News Today
2:00 PMSky News with Sarah Hewson
5:00 PMThe News Hour with Mark Austin
6:30 PMThe Daily Climate Show
7:00 PMSky News Tonight With Dermot Murnaghan
9:00 PMSky News at 9
9:30 PMThe Daily Climate Show
10:00 PMSky News at 10
11:00 PMSky News Tonight
11:30 PMPress Preview
12:00 AMNews, Sport, Weather
1:00 AMSky News
2:00 AMSky News on the Hour
3:00 AMSky News
5:30 AMPress Preview

Sky News Live Stream

Sky News which is owned by Sky Group started broadcasting on 5 February 1989 and has grown substantially since that time thanks in part to its live stream and live streaming online. It is not just a news channel but a news organization as well. Its services are also distributed via a radio news service, through Sky News live stream audio and Sky News live audio and through its other live streaming online services.

The company is now also a division of Comcast. John Ryley has been the head of Sky News since June 2006 and through his efforts, the network has received praise for its news coverage over the years. In 2019 it was the Royal Television Society News Channel of the Year. That marked the 12th time it has held the award.

Sky News live streaming provides world news that can be viewed via its website, YouTube, and other mobile devices and digital media players.

In Europe, a channel called Sky News International does a simulcast of the UK channel directly but without British advertisements. This service is also available in the Middle East, Africa, South Asia, Asia Pacific, Australia, and the Americas.

Another division of Sky News called Sky News Radio provides national and international news to commercial radio and community radio stations in the UK and other English-language stations around the world. Sky News also shares content with Yahoo! News.

TV Shows

Some of the more popular shows that have propelled Sky News into the limelight include:

Sky News with Dermot Murnaghan airs from Monday-Thursday, and with Sophy Ridge on Friday. The program has reports and lively debates on the main national and international news stories of the day with analysis from our specialist team of correspondents.

The Pledge is a panel member show where the hosts come together to debate their strong views on the big issues the whole country is talking about.

AM Agenda with Kieran Gilbert – Agenda is the name given to a series of Australian television news and commentary programs. It is broadcast on Sky News Australia throughout the week. The Agenda features a series of bulletins that also serve as the channel’s flagship program.

The program differs from the Sunday Agenda and the Thursday episode of PM Agenda, as the program is broadcast live from the Sky News studio at Parliament House in Canberra.

First Edition with Peter Stefanovic – This program is an Australian breakfast television news program broadcast on Sky News Australia. The program is one of four breakfast news programs in Australia, competing with Sunrise, Today, and News Breakfast. It airs seven days a week.


Sky News like many other news agencies has faced some negative criticism over the years. However, they maintain that they are impartial, and seek to only carry unbiased coverage. The biggest criticism that the network has faced is that throughout the 1990s and 2000s it was minority-owned and dominated by Rupert Murdoch’s right-leaning News Corporation, and thereafter the Murdoch family’s 21st Century Fox.

Several notable News Corp subsidiaries, including News Corp UK & Ireland Ltd, the owner of the Sun, Times and Sunday Times newspapers, have an openly conservative outlook. In a 2010 article in the New Statesman, a prominent journalist and broadcaster Mehdi Hasan argued that “in style and in substance, of course, it is nothing like the pro-war, pro-Republican, pro-Palin Fox News Channelโ€ฆ Sky News remains, as far as I can see, free of party political bias.”

The companyโ€™s image has been helped by the fact that as of October 2018, Fox no longer has any stake in the broadcaster. Ofcom also received complaints regarding the network’s lack of neutrality ahead of the 2010 general election, but these were not upheld

Ofcom received 832 complaints about a May 2010 interview with electoral reformist David Babbs conducted by Sky News presenter Kay Burley. They also received 696 complaints relating to Sky News’s then political editor Adam Boulton’s conduct during a May 2010 interview with Alastair Campbell.

In October 2014, crime correspondent Martin Brunt and his camera crew doorstepped Brenda Leyland, who had posted controversial comments concerning the McCann investigation on social media. The confrontation led to the unfortunate discovery of Leyland dead in a hotel, leading to calls on social media for Brunt to be sacked.

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