US intelligence report suggests that Putin has cancer and has survived at least one assassination attempt

This might explain the bizarre photos of Putin sitting at an incredibly long conference table

Putin survived assassination and cancer

US intelligence recent reports suggest that Putin has cancer and is currently being treated for it. The report also confirms that there was an assassination attempt on Putin back in March.

Putin’s health has been a subject of intense debate since the starting of the Ukraine-Russia war. The classified reports read by three US intelligence leaders told Newsweek that Putin seems to have appeared again after undergoing treatment for advanced cancer. 

An official from the office of the Director of National Intelligence told Newsweek, Putin is definitely sick. Whether he’s going to die soon or not is mere speculation.” The report also suggests that Putin survived an assasination attempt in March. 

One of the senior intelligence officers said, “Putin’s grip is strong but no longer absolute. The jockeying inside the Kremlin has never been more intense during his rule, everyone sensing that the end is near.”

The intelligence analysts also suggest that Putin is becoming increasingly paranoid about losing his power and since he is becoming more isolated, access to credible sources are becoming difficult to obtain. Senior DIA official said, “One source of our best intelligence, which is contact with outsiders, largely dried up as a result of the Ukraine war.” However, he also added, “We need to be mindful of the influence of wishful thinking.” 

There are more speculations about Putin’s health after he showed up in a televised appearance in April, where he seemed to grip the table hard while meeting with his defense minister.

Putin’s every movement and meetings is being scrutinized heavily in the hopes of obtaining some insight about his health and behavior. On May 26th, he paid a visit to a Moscow military hospital. In addition, he had a phone call with Italian Prime Minister, Mario Draghi and this previous Monday, he had a phone call with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, discussing opportunities to have a face to face meeting Ukraine president Zelensky. 

Russian Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov, dismissed any ideas of Putin being sick on French TV last weekend. He said, “I don’t think that a sane person can suspect any signs of an illness or ailment in this man.” To this, the DIA official says, “Lavrov’s insistence that everything is normal is as much a declaration of allegiance to Putin as it is any kind of diagnosis to be listened to.”

Senior DNI leader says that the Biden administration can’t rely on an “expiration date” and it’s most likely because of this reason, President Biden and Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin have let loose on the desire for a regime change and the fall of Russia.

DNI official says, “A nuclear-armed Russia is still a nuclear-armed Russia, whether Putin is strong or weak, in or out, and not wanting to provoke him or his potential successor into thinking we are hell bent on their destruction is an important part of continued strategic stability.” 

Putin’s isolation and increased paranoia seems to be punching a hole in his ever vital character. If he is weak and indeed dying, it’s highly likely that a weak Putin would not be much of an influence on his subjects and officials. A strong Putin would overcome any obstacles aggressively from his subjects, but a weakened Putin is vulnerable, not only from international but domestic attacks. And this is probably the reason why he is separating himself and having as few official meetings as possible, and maybe his paranoia isn’t allowing him to trust anyone. All this is just alleged rumors, however, the DIA official says, “Still, we shouldn’t rest assured. We shouldn’t answer our own mail, if you will, believing only the intelligence that affirms our own desired outcome. He’s still dangerous, and chaos does lie ahead if he does die. We need to focus on that. Be ready.”