$50 Million Ad Spend Labelling Trump as “Convicted Criminal” Launched by Team Biden


In a significant move aimed at solidifying his 2024 re-election campaign, President Joe Biden has launched a $50 million ad campaign, focusing on Trump’s legal troubles and character. The campaign, spearheaded by the Democratic National Committee,

will roll out ads across key battleground states including Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

The Ad Campaign’s Strategy

The new ad buy is part of a broader strategy to highlight Trump’s recent criminal convictions and paint him as unfit for office. The ads will feature video testimonials from former Trump supporters who have turned away from the ex-president, emphasizing their disillusionment with his leadership and legal issues. This narrative aims to sway moderate Republican and independent voters who might still be undecided​​.

Targeting Swing States

These ads are strategically placed in states that are critical for winning the electoral college. States like Georgia and Michigan, which played pivotal roles in the 2020 election, are again in the spotlight. By focusing on these regions, the Biden campaign hopes to replicate its previous success by mobilizing a broad coalition of Democrats, independents, and anti-Trump Republicans​.

Reactions from Anti-Trump Republicans

Interestingly, the campaign also coincides with a parallel effort by Republican Voters Against Trump, a group that has committed $50 million to a similar campaign aimed at preventing Trump from securing another term. This group is not explicitly endorsing Biden but rather focusing on showcasing the dangers they believe Trump poses to democracy. The campaign’s testimonials come from former Trump voters who express regret over their previous support and highlight the reasons for their shift​.

Ad Content and Messaging

The content of the ads is expected to be hard-hitting, drawing on Trump’s numerous legal battles and portraying him as a convicted criminal. This aggressive approach is designed to resonate with voters who prioritize integrity and stability in their leaders. By framing Trump’s legal issues as a core argument, the Biden campaign is betting that concerns over character and legality will outweigh other considerations for many voters.

Impact and Implications

This massive ad buy underscores the high stakes of the 2024 election. For Biden, reinforcing the message of Trump’s unsuitability for office due to his criminal record is seen as a way to both galvanize his base and attract undecided voters. Meanwhile, the anti-Trump Republican campaign highlights a significant split within the GOP, with a considerable faction actively working against Trump’s nomination​​.


As the 2024 election cycle heats up, both Biden’s direct attacks and the broader anti-Trump efforts illustrate the deep divisions and high stakes in American politics. Whether this $50 million campaign will tip the scales remains to be seen, but it certainly sets the tone for a contentious and highly charged electoral battle.