Biden vs. Trump: High-Stakes Presidential Debate Set for this Thursday June 27th

First Presidential Debate Biden vs Trump

President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump are gearing up for their first face-off in the 2024 election cycle, set to take place on Thursday, June 27. This highly anticipated debate, hosted by CNN, will be held at their studios in Atlanta, Georgia, marking the first time the two candidates have shared a stage since the 2020 election.

Debate Details and Format

The debate is scheduled to begin at 9 PM ET, with Jake Tapper and Dana Bash serving as moderators. Unlike previous debates, this one will not have a live studio audience, which means no immediate reactions from the crowd or questions from audience members. Instead, viewers can expect a more controlled environment focused entirely on the candidates’ responses and interactions. This setting aims to reduce distractions and allow a more direct comparison of the candidates’ policies and performance under pressure​.

The format of the debate is designed to cover a wide range of topics, including domestic policy, foreign affairs, and the economy. Each candidate will have a set amount of time to respond to questions posed by the moderators, with opportunities for rebuttals and follow-up questions. This structure ensures that both candidates have equal time to present their views and counter their opponent’s arguments.

Where to Watch

Viewers will have multiple options to tune in. CNN will broadcast the debate live, and it will also be available on their streaming platforms, including Max and Additionally, other networks such as ABC and MSNBC will simulcast the event, providing extensive pre- and post-debate coverage. ABC News, for example, will air a special report titled “Battle for the White House” starting at 8 PM ET, followed by a post-debate analysis featuring insights from political analysts and experts​​.

CBS News will also offer comprehensive coverage, starting with pre-debate programming at 7:30 PM ET and continuing with live coverage and analysis throughout the evening. Their team of anchors and correspondents will provide context and commentary on the debate’s key moments and the candidates’ performances. This multi-network approach ensures that viewers can choose their preferred platform and receive a broad spectrum of perspectives on the debate​​.

Debate Structure and Coin Toss Outcome


A coin flip determined key aspects of the debate structure. President Biden won the coin toss and chose the podium on the right side of the stage (as viewed by the audience), while Trump will stand on the left. The Trump campaign opted for the former president to deliver the closing statement, giving Biden the first opportunity to make his final pitch to voters. This arrangement adds a strategic element to the debate, as both candidates will need to carefully plan their opening and closing statements to maximize their impact​​.

The decision to have no live audience is a significant departure from previous debates, where crowd reactions often influenced the atmosphere and perception of the candidates’ performances. Without the immediate feedback of applause or boos, Biden and Trump will need to rely solely on their rhetoric and presence to engage viewers. This could lead to a more substantive discussion of the issues, as both candidates focus on delivering clear and concise messages​​.