GOP Uproar Over Biden Classified Documents is Hypocrisy on Full Display

Trump’s mishandling and hoarding of highly classified documents will not be investigated by the GOP House Oversight Committee, which is looking into the Biden over the documents found at his home and former office.

The discovery of secret documents at President Joe Biden’s home and previous office sparked an outcry from Republicans, but the White House responded by branding their reaction as shamelessly hypocritical.

The White House’s spokesperson, Ian Sams, stated that House Republicans have no credibility and their demands should be regarded with skepticism. He continued to say that they should ask themselves why they are politicizing this matter and admit they don’t care about the underlying issue.

The House Republicans are playing politics in an attempt to discredit President Biden, but President Biden is doing the right thing and is participating completely with a comprehensive examination by the DOJ.

One day after the White House first said that lawyers had discovered some classified documents from Biden’s time as vice president in a private Washington office, the House Committee on Oversight and Reform, led by Rep. James Comer, opened an inquiry. A special counsel was appointed last week by AG Merrick Garland.

Comer demanded that the Biden administration provide additional information, including visitation logs, after the White House announced on Saturday that new sensitive materials had been discovered at the president’s house in Wilmington, Delaware. No such records are available since it’s private property.
Comer defended his choice to look into Biden but claimed that looking into former President Trump was “not a priority” for his committee. The Justice Department is currently looking into Trump’s handling of the sensitive papers after he removed them from the White House and moved them around.

The Biden and Trump situations differ significantly in a number of important ways. In August, the FBI executed a search order at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago and discovered hundreds of sensitive documents. Nearly 20 top-secret documents have been discovered at Biden’s residence and previous workplace in a situation where documents have been unintentionally been misplaced.

Furthermore, while Biden’s legal team disclosed the document discoveries and is cooperating with the investigation, Trump neglected to deliver the materials to the National Archives when requested and supoenaed. Trump specifically fought against returning them until a search warrant had to be executed to retrieve them.