How to Earn Money as a Freelance Essay Writer?

Earn Money as a Freelance Essay Writer

Whether you’re a recent graduate, looking for a change in your career, or just a good writer, freelance writing can be an exciting career path. This work can be enjoyable and varied as it allows you to research and write about various topics and enjoy the freedom of being your boss.

You can also work from anywhere globally, giving you flexibility. In this article, we’ll look at freelancing and how to become a freelance writer.

What kind of candidates are essay writing services looking for?

Platforms for writing essays and other academic papers usually select employees according to some criteria so that these employees can write quality papers and meet customers’ needs at a high level.


A perfect candidate for the writing jobs must have a proven academic background and preferably have a degree in:

  • English, 
  • Literature,
  • journalism, 
  • communications or another related field. 

Advanced degrees such as a master’s or Ph.D. can be helpful in complex or specialized writing tasks.

The candidate must also demonstrate their academic achievements to prove they can write high-quality work.

Knowledge won’t be superfluous in specific areas, such as:

  • law;
  • medicine;
  • business;
  • engineering;
  • social sciences.

This can be an essential advantage since writing articles on these topics requires the author to have a high level of expertise and knowledge of specialized terminology.

Writing skills

Company recruiters are looking for people who, in addition to their rich knowledge, can competently and beautifully express their thoughts on paper.

Excellent command of grammar, punctuation, and syntax is essential. All written papers should be clear, coherent, and error-free. Candidates are often required to write in a formal, academic tone.

It is also important to organize thoughts and logically integrate arguments into the text. The essay should be well structured, with a clear introduction, body, and conclusion.

The candidate must be able to conduct research and seek information from reliable sources, rethink what they read, and present the results in an essay. It is also necessary to know the different citation styles (APA, MLA, Chicago, etc.) and apply them correctly in your work.

Articles must be original because any kind of plagiarism is considered an unacceptable violation of academic standards. For instance, when students turn to for help with their essays, they expect to receive original papers that they can use for their tasks. Therefore, the authors must create unique content that will pass plagiarism checks. In addition, they must express original thoughts, present fresh ideas, and critically analyze and paraphrase (if needed) the original text.


Previous experience in academic writing or related fields is essential in selecting authors. For example, authors of articles for scientific journals, freelance writers, or content creators in other fields will be more popular.

If a candidate has a good portfolio, the companies are more likely to be interested in them. So your portfolio should include articles on a variety of topics that demonstrate the writer’s versatility and experience in a variety of styles and areas of expertise.

Time management and technical skills

The ability to meet deadlines is of utmost importance. Essay writing services work under tight deadlines, and clients want to receive their orders quickly.

Authors often have to write several assignments in one day. Good time management and the ability to prioritize are mandatory for effective work.

Writers must be tech-savvy and know different writing and editing tools:

  • Microsoft Word,
  • Google Docs,
  • Grammarly, etc.

These tools will help improve the quality and efficiency of your work.

Writers also must have strong soft skills such as critical thinking, communication, and problem-solving skills. 

Soft Skills of a Freelance Essay Writer

Undoubtedly, experience in writing and academic knowledge is significant for employment, but soft skills should also be considered. They improve the candidate’s ability to manage projects, interact with clients, and maintain high productivity and quality of work.

The candidate must be:

  • attentive to detail and consistent;
  • able to communicate and take into account feedback from managers and customers;
  • able to manage your time and set priorities;
  • have critical thinking, be able to analyze information and solve problems;
  • disciplined, set correct goals in the work;
  • able to write on different topics and adapt to a specific client;
  • able to learn;
  • effectively establish work processes and maintain documentation;
  • able to work in a team with clients and managers;
  • creative and not be afraid to approach work creatively.

Soft skills are essential for successful employment, and freelance writers are no exception. They complement technical abilities and enhance overall productivity. Suppose you have attention to detail, communication skills, time management, critical thinking, self-motivation, adaptability, and other soft skills. In that case, you can stand out from other applicants and land a job as a writer on a paper writing service. 

How much do freelance writers earn?

The earnings of freelance essay writers can vary greatly depending on several factors. Experience, knowledge, geographic location, and the types of clients they work with significantly shape their income.

Freelance writers who are just starting usually earn less. They need more experience. They only create a portfolio of academic papers. Beginners earn between $10 and $20 per page or 300 words. Entry-level writers are often hired to work on small projects or with clients on a budget.

Writers with more experience and a solid portfolio receive higher rates. They can earn between $25 and $50 per page. They are often hired for more complex or specialized projects and have a steady stream of clients.

Writers with expertise and experience in specific fields, such as law, medicine, engineering, or business, can earn an even higher rate due to their knowledge. They can earn anywhere from $50 to $70 per page, especially on high-demand topics.

Earnings also vary depending on the type of work. You can earn $20 per from an academic essay, $40-$50 or more from a more complex research paper, and editing costs at least $5 per page.

Earnings are also affected by the volume of work, schedule (full or part-time), client reviews, and the writer’s specialization.

According to research, 41% of freelancers earn up to $2,000 per month, and another 25% earn up to $5,000. 24% of respondents can earn up to $15,000, and the remaining 10% can earn above $15,000. These studies were conducted by surveying freelancers from different countries.

Why start your freelance journey with an essay writing service?

Going freelance can be a daunting task, especially for a new writer. Therefore, cooperation with paper writing websites can be an excellent option. Here are some benefits that an author can receive:

  • stable income;
  • variety of writing topics;
  • opportunity for professional development;
  • collecting material for a portfolio;
  • development of a client base;
  • collecting positive feedback about work;
  • the opportunity to expand your horizons and knowledge;
  • constant and stable salary payments;
  • income for urgency or additional tasks;
  • access to materials for writing papers;
  • access to software for editing texts;
  • structured workflow;
  • minimal cost to start work (no need to spend money on advertising, attracting clients, etc.);
  • immediate orders.

Working as a freelance essay writer has many benefits. It provides stability and constant income. Also, new writers can gain valuable experience, improve their professional skills, and create a portfolio with essay writing services. In addition, writers can regulate their workload and work from anywhere with Internet access.

By taking advantage of these benefits, you can start a successful career as a freelance writer.