How to Use Promo Codes in Casinos: Beginners’ Mistakes

As in many other fields of activity, representatives of the gambling industry actively use various promotional tools. Among them, the most common are bonuses for which players are offered promo codes.

They are used to personalize bonuses, as well as simply to make the promotion more attractive. Despite the relative simplicity of the process of using promo codes, players often make mistakes that cost them the opportunity to take advantage of great bonus offers. This article will discuss the most common mistakes so that new players can avoid repeating them.

5 Typical Mistakes Players Make When Using a Promo Code

Experts of the independent project, which offers bonus codes for registration at the best online casinos, such as, have analyzed the mistakes that players make when using the codes. Based on the analysis, the most common ones have been highlighted:

  1. Violation of the step-by-step procedure;
  2. Mistakes when entering symbols;
  3. Use of expired promo codes;
  4. Repeated use of bonus codes;
  5. Codes on fraudulent sites.

What is the essence of each of these mistakes? How to avoid them? Symbolic TOP mistakes in using promo codes will help you find answers to these questions.

#1 Incorrect Order of Use

The most common mistake made by new and sometimes experienced but not always attentive players is violating the step-by-step procedure of using bonus codes. This problem applies to all types of bonuses except No Deposit. To explain what it is, here is the correct way. To receive a bonus through a code, the player must

  1. Enter the combination of symbols in the appropriate box.
  2. Make a deposit of the amount specified in the promotion description.
  3. Wait for the money to be credited and activate the prize.

If you substitute the first and second items, the bonus will not be credited. The money will of course be credited to your account. However, the promo code entered after the deposit will not allow the player to participate in the promotion. In order to receive the bonus, a new deposit must be made.

#2 Incorrect Character Input

This mistake is not only made by casino players. It is characteristic of all areas where bonus codes are used. Each incorrectly entered symbol in the combination eliminates the possibility of receiving a bonus. This error is particularly common among users of mobile devices, where the input is made using touch screen technology, but the size of the font and/or screen does not allow you to hit the buttons with maximum accuracy.

Another reason why casino players make mistakes when entering a code is the wrong keyboard layout. Users, either out of ignorance or elementary laziness, do not activate the ability to see the entered characters (remember that to do this you need to click on the label with the image of an eye). The next reason is also related to the fact that users do not see the entered combinations. It is a case of not switching the case, which leads to entering uppercase letters instead of capitals and vice versa.

#3 Unchecked Promo Code Lifetime

Violating the deadline for using the bonus code is the next most common mistake made by casino players. It is imperative that this information be included in the promotion description. The only exception may be personal codes for members of the VIP program. Even if there is no information about the lifetime of the promo code, the casino provides information about the maximum terms of use of the bonus. In such cases there are two possibilities:

  • The exact date is specified (e.g. 24.05 00:00) – after this date the code will no longer be active.
  • A period of time is specified (for example, 72 hours) – the lifetime of the code has nothing to do with these terms.

How to avoid such mistakes? It’s easy – you just need to study the terms and conditions of the promotion carefully and comply with them.

#4 Code Already Used

This is another common error. The main reason for this is the inattentiveness of the players. The “Code Already Used” message is most often seen by players who register accounts in many casinos in order to get bonuses (so-called bonus hunters). If this error does not cause any problems for codes offered to already registered users, it can be very important for new players. After using an expired code during registration, you will not be able to use another bonus code. Therefore, as in all previous cases, it is recommended that you read the terms and conditions carefully before activating a promo code.

#5 Scammer

Although this reason is only the fifth in our TOP, it is the leader in terms of severity and likely danger to the player. We are talking about dishonest casino affiliates which provide players with bogus or expired promo codes. Similar offers may be made by sites that are not affiliates but pretend to be. Why does it say about the likely danger? Well, if the player was just given an expired code to sign up through the affiliate’s link. In rare cases, it can be much more serious: scammers can use malware to steal your identity and/or money.

To avoid getting into a situation like the one described above, you should thoroughly check the site where the affiliate code is being offered. To do this, it is recommended to read reviews about the resource. For full confidence to ask questions to the consultant casino in which you plan to register. Only after you are sure of the reliability of the partner site, you can proceed with the registration using a promo code.