Kabul Airport Bombing’s Death Toll Soars, as U.S. Strikes ISIS-K [VIDEO]

The events come as The U.S. is competing the pull out of all American personnel from Kabul by August 31st.

The U.S. says two ISIS-K members were killed and one injured in a drone attack that targeted the planners of the Kabul airport suicide bombing which killed 13 US troops and 60 Afghans, leaving even more injured. The awful suicide bomber attack comes just as the U.S. is hours away from making their final departure from the 20 year war leaving the country to the Taliban to rule.

Americans are spending the final hours retrograding the airport and getting as many people, both Afghans and Americans, out of the country before the August 31st deadline.

Hours after the attack on the airport Joe Biden swore to retaliate against the bombers and launched an attack which is reported to have killed 2 ISIS-K planners. The drone strike took plan in the Nangarhar Province of Afghanistan.

There is an ongoing threat from ISIS-K and the U.S. has sent out a bulletin telling Americans to stay away from the airport gates and general area.

Watch the latest report from Kabul below: