Jury Selected and Trump Trial Heats Up as Man Sets Himself on Fire Outside Courthouse

History of Live Streaming


A shocking incident occurred outside the courthouse where former President Donald Trump’s trial is taking place, as a man reportedly set himself on fire.

The act was captured live on television and added to the already tense atmosphere surrounding the trial​. This event led to the evacuation of Judge Arthur Engoron, who is overseeing Trump’s civil fraud trial. The trial itself has been a focal point of media attention, with Trump facing allegations of inflating his net worth to secure loans​.

The motivations behind the self-immolation attempt remain unclear, but it highlights the extreme measures some individuals are willing to take to express their distress or make a political statement. This incident follows a broader pattern of public demonstrations and acts of protest connected to high-profile legal and political issues.

The trial is off to a terrible start, can’t help but feel burned.