MAGA Trolls, Lauren Boebert and Marjorie Taylor Greene Fight on The House Floor [VIDEO]

The brawl exposes the lie behind their Biden impeachment plan

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the great GOP circus, where the main act is the battle royale between two of the party’s most entertaining performers: Rep. Lauren “The Boulder” Boebert and Rep. Marjorie “The 3 Toed Troll” Taylor Greene.

The curtain rose on this scintillating display of political sparring when, according to The Daily Beast, Boebert put forth an impeachment resolution against President Joe Biden in a move that neatly undercut Greene’s similar, but oh-so-different, impeachment resolution. Greene, evidently not appreciating Boebert’s game of political Simon Says, responded with the genteel term of endearment, “bitch”, echoing through the hallowed halls of the House. No doubt she meant it in the most respectful way possible.

The root cause of this squabble? Well, it’s as clear as the toupee on Trump’s head. Both Boebert and Greene are clamoring for the spotlight in a bid to champion an impeachment vote against Biden – a vote destined to end up in the same place as Trump’s tax returns, nowhere. It’s a display that could make a stone-faced statue giggle at the show of dramatics, highlighting the GOP’s ability to find serious people as well as a dodo finds a mate.

The reason for this one-upmanship is a two-pronged buffet of self-interest. Firstly, there’s no better way to boost their personal brands than with a grandstanding stunt. Who needs public service when there’s an opportunity for self-service? Secondly, this is a fundraising ploy so blatant it makes those late-night infomercials look subtle. “Hey, dear supporter, I introduced impeachment articles against that pinko-commie-liberal Joe Biden. How about a little donation to keep up the good fight?”. It’s so easy it could write itself in crayon. And as long as the donors keep lining their pockets, mission accomplished!

Now, if our two bellicose belles of the GOP actually cared about the sanctity of the presidency as much as their impeachment resolutions imply, one might expect them to take issue with some of Trump’s more questionable actions. You know, minor things like withholding military aid to Ukraine in exchange for Biden-family dirt, or throwing a hissy fit over his 2020 election loss that would put a two-year-old to shame. But, apparently, no red flags there.

In fact, they didn’t just turn a blind eye, they gave Trump their full support, even voting against his impeachments. And as Cassidy Hutchinson testified, they even joined in the fun, attending meetings to discuss how to swing the Electoral College votes in Trump’s favor. Talk about putting your money – or in this case, your political capital – where your mouth is.

The bid to impeach Biden is about as likely to succeed as a penguin trying to fly, and it might even backfire, particularly for Boebert. Her last victory was by a mere 500 votes, not exactly a ringing endorsement from her heavily Republican district. Now, I’m no campaign consultant, but tripling down on the tomfoolery might not be the wisest strategy. Greene has a bit more wiggle room, but the risk is the same. Becoming the poster child for political shenanigans might not endear you to voters in the long run.

And so, the GOP’s own Thelma and Louise continue their race towards the cliff, each vying to recreate the party in their own image, blissfully unaware that they embody the very problems plaguing the party. Whether Boebert or Greene comes out on top in this tussle, the ultimate loser looks set to be the GOP. And there you have it, folks, a riveting political drama that gives your favorite soap opera a run for its money. So grab your popcorn, settle in, and enjoy the show. It’s bound to be a hoot.

Watch the battle royal below: