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RockinRooster’s MSNBC Politics Chatroom

This MSNBC chatroom from RockinRooster started back in 2008, just as the Obama years had started and there was hope and change in the air. We made it through 4 years of hell during the chaos of the Orange Man’s reign. Now we are fighting COVID and the challenges continue. This MSNBC Politics Stream was the first online live stream broadcasting MSNBC on the Internet. Over the years Rooster’s chat attracted thousands of liberal chatters and news junkies and the community continues to be vibrant today.

MSNBC in 2021 is the top American news station in the United States. It started back in 2004 when NBC and Microsoft entered into a joint venture to bring synergy between content rich NBC and the MSN Microsoft Network online portal. They feature the shows: Rachel Maddow Show, The Reid Out with Joy Reid, All-in with Chris Hayes, The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell, and The 11th hour with Brain Williams. For the MSNBC Schedule & more information, please check below.

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