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Huge rare blue diamond discovered in Africa

An acorn-sized blue diamond, one of the rarest and most coveted gemstones in the world, has been unearthed in South Africa at a mine near the country’s capital Pretoria. The 29.6 carat stone, described as exceptional, is reportedly worth tens of millions of dollars. Photo: Blue diamond recovered at South Africa’s Cullinan mine (Petra diamonds)…

Diamond Rain Falls On Jupiter And Saturn

Jupiter and Saturn regularly experience diamond rain, scientists claim after examining new atmospheric data from the gas giants. After falling, the diamonds are melted by the extreme heats of the planets’ cores into a liquid sea. The findings were presented at the annual meeting of the Division for Planetary Sciences of the American Astronomical Society…

Armed Men Steal $50 Million Worth Of Diamonds

Eight armed and masked men made a hole in a security fence at Brussels’ international airport, drove onto the tarmac and snatched millions of dollars’ worth of diamonds from the hold of a Swiss-bound plane without firing a shot, authorities said Tuesday. AP