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Massive Winter Snow Storm Hits D.C. [VIDEO]

After just an inch of snow Wednesday night, Washington, D.C., traffic was plunged into traffic chaos by a small storm system. Wednesday’s untreated roads led to icy conditions, with more than 100 area accidents and drivers at a standstill for nine hours. Even President Obama’s motorcade slid on the roads, making his evening commute stretch…

Weatherman Jim Cantore wards off on-air ambush

Meteorologist Jim Cantore has had to report on air while enduring some pretty extreme conditions. But during a broadcast from South Carolina’s College of Charleston on Tuesday night the weatherman was faced with an entirely different adversary when a young man ran up to him in the middle of a live broadcast.

State Of Emergency In Georgia: Winter Storm Stranded Thousands

Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal declared a state of emergency as a winter storm coats the region with snow and ice. Thousands of people were stranded Wednesday β€” some of them sitting 18 hours or more on highways brought to a standstill across Atlanta β€” one day after a rare winter storm swept across an unprepared…