Trump Hangs Himself In a Disastrous Fox News Interview

Trump Confesses to Crimes but the Delusional Fascist Thinks He Did Great

A surprising twist in the world of televised politics, folks! Our criminal ex-president and 2024 GOP candidate, Donald Trump, had a disastrous rendezvous with Fox News’ Brett Baier on Monday.


But Trump seemed absolutely tickled pink with his performance, like a kid who’d just aced his spelling bee. While Trump was busy recounting his prime-time jousting with Baier as a badge of honor, everyone else seemed to be watching a bumbling sitcom unfold.

In this cringe-worthy episode of “Trump After Dark,” the former POTUS let slip, on live TV no less, a confession of allegedly playing hide-and-seek with some top-secret governmental documents during his post-presidency. Now, where he saw a ratings bonanza, his legal team saw a parade of red flags.

While Trump was reveling in the adrenaline of the ‘oh-so-tense’ television drama, his current and past legal eagles were practically ripping their hair out, possibly into ‘Trump-style’ combovers. “Yup, that’s going to show up in court,” one said, in a message reminiscent of someone predicting rain while they’re already soaking wet.

“If you’re his lawyer, you’re watching the Titanic hit the iceberg,” comments Ty Cobb, a former top lawyer from Trump’s White House era, adding that the Trump’s media escapade was like handing over a golden ticket to the government.

When Baier, seemingly perplexed, asked Trump why not just hand over the classified documents, Trump’s response was more of a yard sale catalog than a justification. “Boxes, personal things, golf shirts, shoes, all sorts of things,” he babbled, turning his mishandling of classified information into a garage sale spoiler.

However, Trump’s legendary tendency to ignore legal advice like a cat ignoring its human was in full effect. He wouldn’t be deterred, not even by the mounting pressure of a high-stakes special counsel and Espionage Act investigation. As they say, the show must go on, and Trump is its inexhaustible leading man.

Despite the flaming hoops his legal team has to jump through, the former president is still his own Communications Director, boldly going where every lawyer has told him not to go. He’s left to run the gauntlet in the court of public opinion, handing out ‘enormous gifts’ to the prosecution as if he’s a secret Santa.

The reaction to Trump’s Fox News gaffe was a chorus of “He did what now?” from both sides of the political aisle. Democrats argued that Trump basically admitted to a crime, while Ron DeSantis’ 2024 campaign saw an opportunity to capitalize on the faux pas. Even conservative Fox News hosts joined the choir, essentially telling Trump to zip the lip. Legal experts were left shaking their heads at the self-inflicted wound Trump had so gleefully opened.

Veteran criminal defense attorney, Ken White, sums it up best. “For anyone else, it’s game over. For Trump, it’s just another manic Monday.” Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Trump’s interview was the equivalent of a juggler tossing chainsaws, blissfully oblivious to the danger and thoroughly convinced of his invincibility.

Trump’s response to all this? He was back on Truth Social, plugging part two of the interview. “Great reviews from part 1, last night. Enjoy!” Talk about being the star of his own reality… TV show.

Here watch for yourself below and see the madman himself in action: