Bill Maher Warns Us About Trump’s Slow Moving Coup [VIDEO]

Watch Video Below Article Where Maher Calls What the GOP are doing as “Open Treason”

Ever since his loss in the last Presidential Elections, many have suspected that former president Donald Trump is planning something behind scenes. Something so diabolical that his authority as President, if he was ever reinstated, could not be questioned.

Bill Maher on his HBO show, Real Time with Bill Maher, probably had the best description of Trump’s behind the scenes plans, when he described it as a “slow coup” last Friday, October 8. While he eloquently sounded the alarm about the American democratic process being under siege, it was the various scenarios that he painted that made it all too real.

Truly, what he did was gather the evidence so far that clearly shows Trump is conducting a power struggle in the Republican party that will cement him as the leader and whoever remains, as his loyal minions. This of course makes it easier for him to overturn future election results as he had hoped and wished for in November 2020. 

Maher’s words have gone viral because many people have shared his opinion but have not been quite able to put it into words. Many, have suspected that Trump would not go silently into the night but many also had no clear view of the democratic constructs being attacked to achieve his ultimate goal of ruler extraordinaire.

Maher puts into eight minutes a potent summary of what has been happening since January 2021, including the strategic removal of some Republicans to facilitate the return of Trump as the leader. Those who oppose him have either already announced that they will not go up for re-election in the 2022 mid-term elections or are planning to do just that. 

So in essence, Trump is now trying to assemble a group of Republican ‘Avengers’ who will have his back no matter what happens at the next Presidential election and it starts with the mid-term elections. Maher’s analysis of course is also tied to the January insurrection in which hundreds of Trump supporters descended on the White House demanding that he be put back into the office, even though he lost freely and fairly.

The picture painted, is that these followers are going to grow and become more emboldened as Trump spews even more untruths, like immigrants are being allowed to vote or some sort of voter fraud. With their support, in the event he loses, he will be able to claim the title of President with huge support. This is even if he wins and real voter fraud is discovered and the results have to be overturned by VP Kamala Harris. 

Trump’s main tactics will rely on inciting violence as he’s been able to stoke feelings of hatred pretty easily. Maher depicted this with a few clips but didn’t need to because Trump’s famous lines all have to do with punching someone in the face. He also often urges those at his rallies to take back the country even though there is still little evidence of who has taken it away from his followers. 

Maher’s warning is aimed at democrats but should be eye-opening for any American who cares about the sanctity of democratic elections. His warning to those in power right now is not to fall asleep at the wheel. Don’t for a second think that 2024 will be a normal election year, he urged. He aptly reminded them that Trump may be quiet right now but that “he’s like a shark that’s not gone, just gone out to sea.”

If he’s allowed to continue these seemingly simple plots for takeover then it matters little who the Democrats choose for the next election. Trump is good at corralling support especially as an authoritative voice, even when the issues he highlights many times do not even exist. If he’s allowed to gather that support for the next three years, there is probably no way to keep him out of office.

Maher’s timeline 

  • 2022 midterms several Republican candidates are forced out of office or choose not to go up for reelection because they cannot compete with being against Trump
  • These candidates are replaced with super-Trumpers who bend to his will and help him start planning to become the president in 2024, win or lose
  • Trump still manages to lose the 2024 elections but has enough support from the masses that the White House is taken forcefully and there is no choice but to declare him winner to keep the peace
  • Trump wins in 2024 but there is evidence of voter fraud. VP Kamala Harris attempts to do what trump asked VP Mike Pence to do. When the announcement is made the masses descend to oppose.

Maher summed it up best when he said, “But even if they win, Trump won’t accept it,” but this time, his claims of election fraud “will be fully embraced by stooges he is installing right now.”  

If his predictions come to pass, the slow coup will work exactly how it was intended and the freedom of the democratic process may very well never recover. Where would the support for such drastic come from? Maher covered that too.

“The ding dongs who sacked the Capitol last year? That was like when Al Qaeda tried to take down the World Trade Center, the first time with a van. It was a joke. But the next time they came back with planes.”