Newsom Survives California Recall and Rejects Trumpism [VIDEO]

The Big Lie Is Now the Guiding Principle Behind Republican Politics

California recall election gavin newsom


Today Californians will go to the polls to vote to recall Governor Gavin Newsom, a recall that was initiated by Republicans in an attempt to upend the governor from his seat and replace him by a hard right candidate.

Leading the way on the slate of candidates trying to replace Newsom is Larry Elder, and far right wing radio host who is anti-vax, anti-mask, anti-mandates, and has said falsely that children are not effected by the corona virus.

California makes it extremely easy to recall a governor, only needing 15% of the voters to trigger the recall. Last time it was done was when Arnold Schwarzenegger replaced Gray Davis.

President Biden campaigned for Newsom Monday night to help push Newsom over the finish line claiming that the recall will lead to Trumpism and a covid nightmare if someone like Elder takes over.

Newsom is leading in the polls going into Tuesdays’ election but expert warn that we can’t trust the polls and this election is so important you just have to get out and vote and avoid the disaster a Larry Elder would bring to California.

Larry Elder is already crying election fraud, just as Trump has, in anticipation of his loss. He is so committed to this lie that he added a section on his website yesterday about how the election was stolen from him, even though the election has not even begun.