Capitol Becomes a Fortress Again as Supporters of the Insurrection & Trump’s White Supremists Allies Rally in DC [VIDEO]

The fence that went up after the insurrection goes back up to protect against another attack

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This is not a drill. The MAGA cultists are coming back to town for a what they call j6, rally in support of those arrested, detained, charged, or otherwise involved in the insurrection on January 6th that left officers dead and injured and had the members of congress fleeing for their lives.

100s of rioters who stormed the Capitol have been charged, but we have yet to see the organizers of the insurrection, people who have been named such as Roger Stone, Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley, Mo Brooks, and other members of congress who were involved with the Trump crime family in orchestrating this attack on American democracy.

This time the Capitol Police are going to be ready. The fence and other anti-terrorism measures are going up around the Capitol and the place is looking like the fortess it did after the first time these maniac MAGA, Qanon, and white supremists tried to decapitate the government in the process of certifying the election.

Well Trump failed the first time but it’s not over. We don’t expect much trouble this time as it is obviously a bad place to be now that the eyes of law enforcement will be all over the participants from the begging. It will be like walking into a holding cell this time and that’s where these people should be.

Have a nice rally. Hope it pisses down with rain on you. I also hope that law enforcement behind the scenes is getting is getting ready to move ahead with prosecutions against those who organized the January 6th insurrection. The Garland DOJ and the Wray FBI have yet to move on any of the Trump henchmen who organized January 6th and until that happens the USA will always be venerable to this kind of right wing violence, whether it be at the Capitol, or in state capitals, or by MAGA randos who drive up with bombs in their trucks like just what happened in front of the Library of Congress last week.

So let’s hope for rain and no violence. MAGA cultist have shown us who they are, enemies of the United States of America.