The Future of Casino Games and Video Gaming: How AI is Changing The Game

Gaming is evolving and the roles within are definitely changing, especially in the world of casinos. Dealers have been a staple of the casino landscape since brick-and-mortar casinos became popular. Their purpose is mainly to host the game that the gamblers are playing. This means they will explain the rules, the aim, and guidelines of each game to make sure players are following the rules accordingly. Many interactive casino games involve a dealer acting, such as roulette which involves spinning a wheel, but the role is changing, like many other aspects of gaming.

The presence of live casino dealers has evolved since the development of online casinos and the growth of artificial intelligence (AI) in online spaces. In casinos, dealers are usually the people who act as mediators between players and the casino, and as a form of security. AI systems have started to become common in live dealer games to monitor people’s behavior and to make sure players are playing fairly, for example. In online casino games, AI is used for tracking patterns and other aspects of gameplay. With the worldwide recognition of cryptocurrency, AI goes hand-in-hand with crypto gameplay and high-tech casinos. Again, it comes down to determining outcomes and conducting actions to move the game forward.

These AI systems are common in many cryptocurrency casinos, but primarily in the ones that offer popular currency such as Bitcoin, due to the amount of games and the number of players that there are. Many of these casino actions are automated so they rely on AI and blockchain technology to operate. When playing Bitcoin casino live from home, players have become used to AI in the operation of their games because it is so common in technology now, and they may not even notice how AI is being used to understand playing habits and collect useful data. 

While we have briefly touched on it, this article will explore how AI systems are changing the operation and landscape of casino games, live dealer games, and other forms of video games and how they may change in the future. 

Changes in Job Roles and Responsibilities

Live dealers are still regarded as an integral part of land casinos, but for online casinos, AI is increasingly common. AI technology with its automated ways has become an integral part of online casino operations. AI systems can allow casinos to save money as they do not have to pay for a range of software for different jobs to be completed, as AI systems can carry out repeat tasks without intervention.

For casino games, AI can be used to enhance the game through machine learning. Casinos can learn to communicate with their regular players better via the tools that AI systems can give them thanks to their ability to recognize algorithms and analyze player data. This means it makes the dealer’s job more manageable as they can use AI systems to handle certain complaints and help to keep a steady workload and focus on the customer interaction side of the game.

Customer Support is Available 24/7

AI is undeniably playing a bigger part in the casino and gaming industry, and one of the positive impacts of AI in live dealer casino games is the depth of customer service that players can receive, which can be 24/7 since the AI bot will not work on a shift. For example, if a player has an issue with their gaming, an AI bot can be trained to understand common issues and give advice. Therefore, an AI bot is capable of solving a customer’s problem almost automatically without error. Whereas, a human dealer in live casino play may have to consult the game’s rules or their training to understand how to rectify the issue. 

AI is An Option For Casino Games

Human-led live dealer games are appealing to traditional players who may prefer the element of human interaction involved with traditional live dealer games. While AI is a hot topic in some other industries like the film and television industry it is widely used in gaming and plenty of players are used to this, though they aren’t always aware of how AI is checking their playing habits, for instance. 

AI Analysis is Helping to Optimize Video Games

While there is a debate about how AI is affecting the gaming industry, the engagement between a player and a dealer is crucial to success in live dealer games. Players need to feel like they are having fun in a secure environment, with the dealer as their guide. With AI, its ability to analyze minute-by-minute data means it can automatically suggest game improvements to dealers. The casinos can analyze a person’s gaming preferences and then encourage a dealer to recommend the most relevant games to the corresponding player. For the dealer, this helps to keep them in good standing with their clientele and keep a trusting relationship between the casino and the player. 

Gaming allows AI systems to tailor the game for them with new technology. For example, in some video games, AI systems can change the difficulty level to match a player’s skill or keep the game realistic through NPC characters that have learned to mimic human behavior. They can even learn facial recognition and the recognition of emotion which can make games feel more real and intense, as if the characters are human themselves.