How to Write a Political Essay

Political science students often write essays on the subject. In the article, we tell you what the structure and content of an essay on political science are and how to write it correctly. 

  1. What is a political essay?

A political essay is a paper in which the author presents their opinion on a political issue. This type of paper deals with political or governmental issues and various political theories. Essays can be written by both students majoring in political science and political science graduates, for example, when applying for a job.

There are no strict requirements for such an essay. The length of a paper is small – 1-3 pages of printed text; the student chooses the topic independently or receives the topic from the teacher. If you receive a topic from a teacher that seems too difficult for you, you should get help. Qualified political science essay writers help students with their papers professionally. You will receive an essay sample that you can use as a template while writing your paper. 

  1. Structure of a political essay

When composing an essay on political science, it is better to adhere to a certain composition:

  • Introduction
  • main part
  • conclusion.

In the first paragraph, make an introduction and tell us what the paper will be about, and also put forward a thesis – something that you will prove throughout the essay:

“Politics and morality are two multifaceted concepts that cannot be immediately given an accurate, comprehensive definition, but I will still try. N. Machiavelli believed that politics is “a means for gaining power and maintaining it.” The definition of politics, according to M. Weber, is “this is the desire to participate in power.” 

In ordinary language, morality most often means good, kind, and correct. Having become familiar with the meanings of these two concepts, the question naturally arises about their relationship, whether their combination is possible or whether they are mutually exclusive terms.” (Political Science Essay on “Politics and Morals,” introduction).

In the main part, provide compelling arguments that will prove the thesis. These can be quotes from political scientists or scientific works on political science. The main thing is not to be unfounded and to support any of your thoughts with examples:

“In accordance with the accepted classification, we will consider politics from two sides, as foreign and domestic politics. Foreign policy implies, first of all, international relations and the principles on which they are built. Although they seem moral, declaring universal human values, in fact, the basis of international relations is “reasonable egoism.” That is, this is such egoism in which the claims of each state are limited by the fear of the outbreak of nuclear war and strategic clashes with other states. 

Domestic politics implies the art of managing people and relationships that are based on hierarchy and subordination. That is, some people can do to others and demand from them what they, in turn, cannot demand. 

Politics is often a choice between two evils, the lesser, in order to avoid a greater evil. In this sense, politics is not that immoral. It is rather extra-moral. It is simply outside its limits.” (Essay on political science on the topic “Politics and Morality,” main part).

In the final part, draw conclusions and summarize what was said above. It is important to show at the end that the thesis put forward at the beginning of the paper has been proven:

“Answering the question about the interaction of morality and politics, about their relationship, it is necessary to note that although morality is all-pervasive, covering all spheres of social life, it is embodied in politics only in some general requirements. There remains a gap between politics and morality. There is something in which morality and politics diverge and in no way coincide. 

Thus, from the point of view of moral values that regulate people’s behavior, politics can be both moral and immoral. The topic of the possibility of combining morality and politics is really interesting and relevant, at least for us as future political scientists. Who should be interested in the morality of politics if not us? It seems to me that the relationship between politics and morality should strive for the following ideal content: “Politics is public morality, morality is personal politics.” (Essay on political science on the topic “Politics and Morality,” conclusion).

  1. How to write a political essay 

When you write an essay on political science, use our recommendations:

  1. Before writing your paper, gather reliable sources of information. These can be scientific articles and works, reference books, monographs, political books, and teaching aids.
  2. It is not necessary to write a political essay right from the introduction. You can first write the main part, then draw conclusions, and at the end, write the introductory part.
  3. When writing a political science essay, you can use freewriting. Write down your thoughts on a draft in free order, and then compose an essay from them.

Follow our tips, and you will write a political essay quickly!