Attack in Canada: – Shootings at Parliment, Gunman Loose [VIDEO]

BREAKING: Hospital says it has received 3 victims from Ottawa shootings, 2 are in stable condition.

Ottawa police say they believe there is more than one shooter but this is unclear.

The crack of gunshots rang through the halls of Parliament Hill’s Centre Block after a gunman fired on soldiers guarding Canada’s main war memorial, sending MPs into hiding and all federal government buildings into lockdown.

That soldier has died. Police in pursuit of possible more shooters up to 2 more. One shooter was shot down in the Parliament building.

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Eyewitnesses said an armed man with long black hair emerged at the National War Memorial, fired about four times‎, and a guard went down. The gunman, who an eyewitness said was carrying what appeared to be a rifle, then ran toward Parliament Hill.

The war-memorial shooting victim was taken to hospital in an ambulance. Police have sealed off the area.

An eight-member SWAT team with a dog was seen entering Centre Block on the run. They emerged from the main doors and re-entered though centre doors in the basement.

There were also reports of gunfire near the Chateau Laurier hotel, just east of Parliament Hill, shortly before 11 a.m.

One body was visible outside the Library of Parliament, roughly in the middle of Centre Block, but it was unclear if that was a suspect or a law enforcement official.

In an indication that the situation remained tense, the RCMP sent out a warning advising people to stay out of harm’s way in downtown Ottawa shortly before 11 a.m. – more than one hour after the first shots were fired. “Citizens are advised to stay off rooftops and away from windows in the downtown core. Avoid downtown core,” the force said via Twitter.

Ottawa police also warned the public against tweeting the locations of officers investigating the attack.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper “is safe and has left Parliament Hill,” Jason MacDonald, his director of communications, said via Twitter. Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau and NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair were also reported to be safe.

Attack on Parliament Police Confirm Several Shootings Gunman Loose [VIDEO]